Week Nineteen – Tweak It Till You Make It

Change Your Posture Change Your Results

Loving Amy Cuddy

How about this…

You are ready to go to an important meeting that you really want to go well. You have learned this little way to tweak your future behaviour by using this little “Posture Modification Tweak” to change the results.

Best of all you can do this after you learn the technique in advance, once, in private and no one will know why you are performing is at a new level, just that they will see you in a new light.

Real proof that you can take something that you learn intellectually and apply it so that it has an amazing affect on your subconcious.

Thanks Amy, your rock.

In MKMMA this is only one small tweak we have learned about. I hope you can take the MKMMA journey sometime and join our community of lifetime “tweakers”.


Week Eighteen – Better Performance Through Happiness

Find things to make yourself happy first, watch your performance soar.

Your happiness is determined by how your brain processes your outside world.

positive brain

steps to happiness

The Millenials of the world are starting to embrace these philosophies.
And enlightened corporate management is starting to leverage ways of getting happiness in place in the work force.

And why not, productivity improves and attracting amazing new team members is accelerated.

Watch this video and learn how to “Instantly Double Your Happiness by Flipping Your Gap”

You can read more here




Week Seventeen – HJ — Answering the Call

Serving others, helping others, who doesn’t like to do it.

Our MKMMA community is populated with so many folks eager to help others.

In my case, my joy comes when I can help individuals pick up some business skills, mainly in the area of marketing that can help them succeed in their business, and if their business is like mine and designed to help businesses succeed through intelligent marketing strategies, then so much the better as I have taught someone a skill that will help them help others.  How cool.

Of course that is what our MKMMA group is all about too.  Each of us helping each other as we go through our own way of experiencing everything we are learning here.

My “MKMMA” skill set will grow gradually over time and sharing these skills and concepts with friends, family and future business partners will be a joyful experience I am anticipating with glee.



Week Seventeen — Magic of Permission

Give Yourself Permission, You Might Remove Some Roadblocks

Mark mentioned in the training this week to stop and give yourself permission.

I had never heard of this before, but I tried it during this week during my sit time.

It really surprised me as I went through each day to see that I seemed to be able to accomplish more and maintain focus and avoid more of the common distractions.

We have learned to really experience what we want, our DMP Definite Major Purpose.

This permission thing, especially when my future self lets me know I have permission to stay strong during this amazing process of taking in a lifetime of knowledge that the Master Keys are providing us.

It sounds kind of weird, but try giving yourself permission and see what happens, you might be pleasantly surprised.

I know I was, and continue to be.


Week Sixteen — Great Wealth and Success

“many have attained great wealth and success with only one sales talk”

Each new scroll we study in Og Mandio’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World” has a little nugget in it that speaks to me.  I suspect different “nuggets” will appear to my future self as I continue with the scrolls in the years to come.

The Scroll Marked IV contains the notion that success in the sales arena has and will always be obtained by those who hone their craft and to do so, it just might be a good idea to concentrate on one “sales talk” until it is perfected.

Of course this ties into the LAW OF PRACTICE

So, knowing that I can achieve progress by repeating the same sales process instead of reinventing a new one each time a opportunity occurs, gives me a strong reason to pick one thing and focus on a repeatable process that will result in executing a single “sales talk” many times.

This should be fun.  Now to figure out what that will be…  There is a little work ahead but Og will help me keep my compass pointed in the right direction.

So my focus the rest of this month is to pick just one “sales talk” to concentrate on and deliver it enough times to master it.

Then measure the results of this little experiment.


Week Fifteen — The First Virtue

Becoming Well Organized

This week we are supposed to observe examples of the first virtue we want to develop.

Most who know me know that being organized is not a strong suit for me.

Of course I know that I can feel less stress by getting everything “squared away” as my Marine Corps father always liked to say (and still does today even in his 94th year), but there is always something else that seems to come up to interfere.

I know that developing more discipline will help here and of course we are learning that too.

One thing that was pretty interesting that happened this week was in a planning meeting with a company that I am helping develop their marketing outreach.  As the meeting bounced around in every direction except what it was supposed to be focusing on, I tried to make a few suggestions to get everyone more focused on the original meeting purpose.  This scenario repeated several times in the meeting.

Toward the end the CEO of this enterprise complimented me on my great skills for staying organized!

I thought, how curious for this to come out, as I consider myself as the least organized of anyone.

But the purpose of this meeting was quite important, in fact, the project being planned had a good chance of ensuring the success of destruction of this company, depending on how it is implemented.

I am coming to believe that on things that are important, I am able to muster the organization skills necessary to focus and complete the task.

Kind of like staying organized enough to complete these blog posts regularly.  It is becoming more important as I move through this MKMMA process to get the details right.

Week Fourteen — A Life Lived with the Habit of Persistence

Good habits are the key to all success.

“In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits.  Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.  Thus, the first law I will obey, which precedeth all others is–I will form good habits and become their slave.”  Og Mandino, “The Greatest Salesman”, Scroll I

Importance of the habit of persistence

Og Mandino devoted an entire scroll in “The Greatest Salesman”  to this one habit.  Why?  Because persistence leads to success.  “I will persist until I succeed”.

Bill Porter

One individual whose life was defined by persistence was a salesman named Bill Porter.  He was introduced to the nation on ABC News-20/20  in the late 1990’s.

In 1995, Tom Hallman, Jr of the Portland Oregonian learned about Bill and decided to write an article about him.  The original article (later reprinted in Readers Digest) appears here:

A Time magazine article appeared in 2002 about Bill

Here is the 20/20 segment

Bill Porter’s habit of persistence

This is a kind of a trailer for the cable movie done about Bill Porter, “Door-to-Door”, Bill and his habit shines through:

There is no doubt that Bill Porter believed in the habit of persistence, but how did he perfect his habit?

Four Steps to the Persistence Habit

In MKMMA we have learned that there are 4 elements that need to be in place to succeed in developing the habit of persistence.

  • A Definite Major Purpose, backed by a burning desire
  • A Positive Mental Attitude
  • A Plan expressed in continuous action
  • A mastermind alliance

 Bill Porter’s Definite Major Purpose

At first, when Bill graduated high school and had dad told him he had to get a job, his purpose was survival.  Later, when his mother got sick, he was driven to persist because he needed to take care of her health needs.

Later in life when Shelly Brady encouraged him to share his experiences with others, he saw that he could touch others lives and many benefited from his examples.  Ever humble, Bill wrote the following as part of his contribution to Shelly Brady’s book, “Ten Things I Learned from Bill Porter”

“My message to everyone who reads this book is that your life is important, too.  Think about each person you meet each day of your life and what effect you might have upon them, for good or ill.  It isn’t always the big decisions that make a difference in our lives; more often, it’s the little ones.  The extra smile or wave; calling a friend who is ill; going out of your way to help someone whether they ask or not.  Each of you has the same opportunity to inspire others as I do, simply by living your life as best you can.”

Bill Porter and a Positive Mental Attitude

Bill Porter learned a clever sense of humor from his Mother, Irene.  He believed in giving first in his relationships with people, and staying positive in the face of his many obstacles was something he never thought twice about.

Shelly Brady quotes Bill in her book in the chapter “Live Your Values”

“I knew there was something I could do. I felt it deep inside.  My mother told me I could do anything I set out to do and I believed her.  I set out to work and nothing could make me take my eyes off that goal.  When I was let go from the jobs the unemployment office set me up with, I was frustrated and discouraged, but I wouldn’t let those feelings fester.  I pushed them aside and kept going back.  Eventually, I knew the right job would come my way.  You must have faith in yourself and work hard.  I learned that from my mother, my father, and God.”

Bill Porter’s Plan (expressed in continuing action)

Bill had a plan when he was searching for the job he knew was out there for him and once he got it his daily habit of continuing action was unstoppable. Besides his devotion to always making his door-to-door contacts in his territory, Bill devoted himself to knowing everything there was to know about the products he represented as well as really knowing what his customers wanted.  Again from Shelly Brady’s “Live Your Values” chapter:

“He (Bill) memorized the shopping habits and the likes and dislikes of more than five hundred clients.  He is able to recite the names of clients who use vanilla when they bake and which ones insist on biodegradable soaps.  Knowledge is power to Bill, and he never stops learning.”

Bill Porter’s Master Mind Alliance

Early on, Bill Porter masterminded with his parents.  Later on Shelly Brady and her family was the mastermind that Bill came to depend on.

Again, quoting from Bill’s contribution to Shelly’s book, “Ten Thinks I Learned from Bill Porter”

“Shelly deserves my thanks for all the help she has given me over the years, and especially for helping me tell my story.  I appreciate the Brady family’s generosity in sharing her with me and for being my ‘family,’ too.”

I would encourage anyone to get familiar with Bill Porter and his story.  Thank you Mark and Davene for bringing Bill Porter into my and my family’s life.

A few more words from Bill Porter from Shelly’s book

“People tell me that I have touched thousands of lives, but what I think is that hundreds and thousands of people have helped me.  Thank you, each of you, and every time you ask yourself if you can make a difference, remember this answer:  You bet you can.”

Door-to-Door, the movie: